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Different Types of Harrisonburg Glass

Glassmakers use different types of glass to create elegant pieces of glass art. They vary according to their ingredients and usage. The following are some types of glass that artists use for art:

Soda-Lime Harrisonburg Glass

This is the standard type of glass. Soda-lime is a chemically stable glass that consists of silicon, sodium, and calcium oxides. However, a distinct property of soda-lime glass is that it can be re-melted multiple times. Some examples of products made from soda-lime glass are windowpanes and ornaments.

Borosilicate Harrisonburg Glass

It is a colorless glass that is made from silica and boron oxide. Borosilicate glass is scratch and chemical resistant. It is also more durable and less dense compared to ordinary glass.

This type of glass is typically used for processing radioactive wastes. Today, people use borosilicate glass for laboratory and industrial equipment, kitchenware, jewelry, and sculptures.

Different Techniques Used for Creating Harrisonburg Glass Art

Glassmakers practice different sculpting techniques to produce Harrisonburg glass art and other commodities. Here are some ways in which Harrisonburg glass art pieces are formed:

Slumping Technique

This technique involves the use of a kiln and a molder that can withstand extreme heat. Shards of glass mixed with other glass ingredients are melted inside the kiln. A glassmaker will collect the molten glass and pour it in the vessel once the heating process is complete.

The artist can shape the glass in two ways: slumping it into or over the molder. Slumping a heated glass into the vessel means that the glass piece is formed inside the cast until it hardens. When a glass is slumped over, the glass art is shaped on top of a convex mold till it cools off.

It is necessary for the glassmaker to use a separator such as thinfire paper or kiln wash. The purpose of using a separator is to prevent the excess melted glass from sticking inside the molder.

Glassblowing Technique

This is the oldest way of sculpting glass. Glassmakers do this by melting a batch of glass fragments into three furnaces for hours and collecting the melted glass using a blowpipe.

After collecting the molten glass, the artist can either blow the other end of the pipe and manually rotate the glass or use a molder to create a Harrisonburg glass piece. Glass sculptures, decorative ornaments, bowls, vases, and goblets are some of the things you can produce using this technique. 

Flamework or Lampwork Technique

Flameworking or lampworking is another method of creating glass that is somewhat similar to slumping. This technique involves the use of a propane or oxygen blowtorch, a rod, and a borosilicate glass tube. 

The glass artist uses the glass tube as the foundation for creating glass art. He or she will melt the tube until it softens. To shape the heated glass, the artist will either twist, push, or pull it until it forms an image.

In addition, lampworking requires a lot of attention to detail. Glass beads, jewelry, and ornaments are examples of glass art that you can create using flamework.

How to Take Care of Your Harrisonburg Glass Art

Your glass art, just like any form of visual artwork, needs maintenance. If neglected, your glass ornaments, figurines, or jewelry might get broken. These are the methods for taking care of your glass collection properly:

For Glass Cleaning

  • Clean your glass art using warm water. Avoid soaking it for a long period of time.
  • Use a soft brush whenever you are going to dust some dirt around your glass piece.
  • Do not wash two or more glass art pieces simultaneously. This is to prevent all of your glass sculptures from scratching one another.

For Glass Care

  • Always hold your glass pieces under the base when handling them.
  • Display them in a glass case or shelf separately.
  • Do not store them inside a humid room. 

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