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You may have heard of vaping, which is often practiced as an alternative to smoking or to help in quitting smoking. Its popularity has grown over the years ever since its public debut in the early 2000s.

These days, there seems to be a vape device for almost every need and taste. Whether you want to quit smoking or are just looking for a healthier or more sustainable alternative, there is a vape device for you. Learn about the history of glass making here.

Benefits of Vaping

Upon first glance, there are several benefits to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Here are a few:

Healthier Alternative

Since vaping is a relatively new technology, there aren’t as many comprehensive studies looking into its potential dangers to a user’s health as compared to smoking. But medical experts agree that the lack of tar, combustion, smoke, and ash in vaping obviously leads to a “cleaner” habit. This leads to less complications to users’ skin, lungs, and bodily functions.

More Options

Your needs can be fulfilled better because vaping is more customizable. The nicotine level in liquids used can be controlled. The kind of device you use can also dictate how much vapor is produced. Even the size of your vape can be customized, based on how you want it.

If you want a specific flavor of vapor and vape device material, that can be done, too. Flavors can range from basic aromas, such as fruit flavors and mints, to natural scents like the smell of the ocean. Glass or metal, even wood, can encase your vape device.

Saves You Money

Last but not least, vaping is also more economically sound compared to smoking. Year after year, cigarettes become more and more expensive due to production costs and taxes. Vape devices, on the other hand, will always be customizable, meaning you can choose cheaper parts and materials to avoid spending too much.

A more affordable vape device will be better for the infrequent smoker, while a true connoisseur will want the best pieces to build the ultimate device. Users can purchase parts and maintain their vape device as necessary. The only real cost is the liquids, which are plentiful and have different purposes and prices, as well.

Let’s say you’re sold on the idea of vaping, and are looking into getting your first vape device. How do you start?

Getting Your First Vape

There are two main things to consider when you first start vaping. The first is knowing the kind of vape device you need, and the second is the liquids you are going to use.

For the build, there are 3 main choices:

  • An e-cigarette, which is basically a thin pen-like device that has small liquid cartridges that are either reusable or single-use disposable.
  • A complete build, which is a more robust vape device that has an atomizer, a tank, a battery and other components that are built in to make it a functional vape device.
  • A customized build, also known as a mechanical mod, which is a vape device with specific parts chosen and put together by the user.

As for liquids, most manufacturers create them with 3 tiers of nicotine levels: low, medium, and high. Sometimes, liquids with no nicotine are also made. The low nicotine liquids are for smokers who are trying to quit, while high is for those who are dependent but are looking for a better alternative.

Vapes at Papa Joe’s Smoke Shop

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