Glass Virginia Beach

Glassmaking has been part of Virginia’s culture for a long time. It is no surprise that a lot of people still make glass jewelry. There are schools in Virginia that offer glass jewelry classes. There are also VA stores that sell glass art and jewelry like Papa Joe’s Smoke Shop. This Virginia Beach glass gallery is not only an art shop but also a vape shop. You can find exquisite Virginia Beach glass jewelry and art in their VA stores.

What Is Glass Jewelry?

Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories with glass pieces are called glass jewelry. Glass that was molded through time, like sea glass, is forged with silver, gold, or rope to make beautiful accessories and artwork. In Virginia Beach, glass art and jewelry are popular. There is even an annual festival for glass creations in the beaches of VA. 

How Did Glass Jewelry Start?

Way back in ancient Mesopotamia, glass was forged with metals to make jewelry. The Romans relied a lot on glass and used it to make rings, beads, and more. Archeologists also found glass beads in Switzerland and Austria dating back before Christ. In ancient times, glass was handmade, but it is mass produced in factories nowadays. Presently, VA glass jewelry is considered contemporary art. Learn about glass jewelry here.

Types of VA Glass Beads

To make an elegant piece of Virginia Beach glass jewelry, beads are sometimes molded and strung by metals and ropes. The glass beads are the most attractive part of each piece of VA accessory. There are different kinds of beads in VA which are named after how they were created. Here are some types of VA glass beads you might notice in Virginia’s glass jewelry:

  • Wound Glass Beads

To make these VA beads, glass is heated and wrapped around a mandrel coated with clay or a metal wire. Before it cools, the glass can be molded or designed by the artist. It is one of the oldest ways of making glass beads.

  • Molded Glass Beads

These beads, which originated in the Czech Republic, are cheaper to produce. They are made using a machine which can create 10 to 20 molded beads in just one rod of glass.

  • Drawn Glass Beads in VA

This type of bead has also been used since ancient times. To make a bead, a metal pipe is used to get molten glass, which is transferred to an iron or wooden stand to cool. While the glass bead is cooling inside the pipe, a person blows through the pipe to make a hole in the glass.

  • Dichroic Glass Beads

The glass used to make these beads is not an ordinary one. The glass is fused with a thin strip of metal in front. It has a shiny noticeable part which has two colors that change in different angles. The glass is then formed into beads through lampwork techniques.

  • Lampwork Glass Beads

Lampworking originated in Venice and has long been practiced to create glass beads. To heat the glass rod, the artist makes use of a torch flame. A mandrel is then used to wind the molten glass around the metal rod which serves as the bead’s hole. Afterward, the glass is placed in a kiln for hours to avoid cracking. To make it more beautiful, a design is drawn or painted on the surface or center of the bead.

  • Cracked Glass Beads

For this type, the glass is heated and formed into a bead and dipped in cold water. This process causes the glass to crack. After it cools, it is heated again to be molded into the artist’s desired shape. The cracks make the VA accessories’ color noticeable and eccentric.

Kinds of Glass Jewelry in VA

Aside from VA glass beads, there are also other types of Virginia Beach glass jewelry created from materials that were formed over time. An example of these Virginia Beach glass accessories are as follows:

  • Sea Glass Jewelry

The glass used to make this jewelry is found on the beaches of VA. These colorful glass pieces were once bottles and other forms of glass debris that were tossed on the sea bed and the sand. This made the glass finer and smoother­—perfect for making Virginia Beach glass jewelry.

  • Roman Glass Jewelry

Archeologists have found remnants of glass from their excavations in Egypt. Over the years, the pieces of glass have mixed with elements which made them more exquisite. Roman glass is iridescent and aqua in color. Though rare, some VA stores use Roman glass to make jewelry.

Interested in VA Glass Jewelry?

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