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kratom shopHookahs are a great alternative to conventional cigarettes. They are water pipes that are used to smoke tobacco and other substances. The tobacco is usually flavored using a variety of ingredients, giving it a pleasant taste.

How Hookahs Work

These special instruments are built with a bowl or basin where water is stored. Hot coals are used to heat up the tobacco and make it smoke. When you suck on the hose, the smoke is drawn through the pipe and into the water-filled basin. The smoke rises into the hose port opening and travels through the hose until it reaches the hookah user’s mouth.

Advantages of Smoking With a Hookah

Hookahs are devices that originated from the Middle East. However, they are now being embraced by many individuals in the US. There are even hookah bars which are frequented by many people.

But what is it about smoking with a hookah that makes it more appealing than smoking with regular cigarettes? We’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider switching from conventional cigarettes to hookahs.

Hookahs Let You Smoke With Style

You don’t have to settle for a smoking device that looks plain and boring. One of the great things about hookahs is that they come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs.

This adds a unique and personal touch to the smoking experience. Whether you want a hookah with bold, intricate designs that catch your eye or a hookah that looks sleek and stylish, there’s something for everyone. 

You Can Enjoy a Variety of Flavors With Hookahs

If you’re tired of smoking simple tobacco alone, a hookah is perfect for you. Hookahs allow you to smoke shisha, which is the tobacco blend used in the hookah. The tobacco in the shisha is mixed with other ingredients that give it its appealing flavors. There is a wide range of flavors for you to try, such as chocolate, peppermint, cherry, and more.

You Can Create Customized Blends

When you use hookah pipes, you can make your own one-of-a-kind blends using different herbs and create your own shisha flavors that suit your taste. Tobacco isn’t the only substance you can smoke using a hookah. You can also smoke other herbs such as kratom, which has properties that provide relief from pain, anxiety, and depression.

You can even use home-grown plants in the shisha blend, as long as you have the proper knowledge about how to do this. There’s no limit to the kinds of unique mixtures you can create. This is something you can’t do if you just stick to smoking normal cigarettes.

The Smoke Is Cooler

Hookahs are designed in such a way that the smoke you inhale is much cooler compared to the smoke that enters your lungs when you use traditional cigarettes. This means you won’t have to go through the unpleasant burning sensation that you often get when you use regular smoking methods. With a hookah, you can just relax and enjoy the smoking experience.

Shisha Doesn’t Have to Contain Tobacco

Tobacco is commonly used when smoking with a hookah, but it’s not the only thing you can use. The shisha that is used in hookahs can be made with other herbs and ingredients that are natural, such as kratom.

These alternative herbs, like kratom, don’t necessarily contain the high levels of carcinogenic compounds that are found in tobacco. Smokers don’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful levels of lead, formaldehyde, and arsenic.

Smoking With Hookahs Can Be a Social Activity

When you smoke using a hookah, you don’t have to be huddled up alone in your room.  Smoking a hookah can be a fun social activity that you can share with other people. Hookahs help you socialize and connect with other individuals.

Friends and family members can join you after a long and stressful day and just unwind with a smoke. There are even hookah bars where you can smoke shisha from a shared communal hookah. You can interact and have fun with people who enjoy and appreciate smoking shisha just like you.

Smoking With a Hookah Is More Cost Effective

When you smoke with regular cigarettes, the tobacco is quickly burned and used up. However, smoking with a hookah makes the tobacco last longer. If you smoke with a hookah correctly, the shisha in the pipe will not be burned but merely heated instead. 

Heating instead of burning will make the tobacco last much longer. Additionally, this will help prevent you from inhaling other chemicals. If you want to smoke but you’re on a tight budget, using a hookah lets you smoke tobacco without constantly buying new supplies.

Hookahs Are Built With a Better Filtration System

The butts found in regular cigarettes are made with foam, plastic, and other compounds that are not effective at filtering. On the other hand, hookahs are designed with a filtration system that uses water.

The water serves as an excellent filter that prevents harmful chemicals from passing through the pipe and entering your lungs. The superior filtration system is one of the reasons why people choose hookahs over normal cigarettes.

Another benefit of using water to filter the tobacco is that it is more eco-friendly. Cigarettes filters are typically made with non-biodegradable material that are harmful to the environment and contribute to land and water pollution. Meanwhile, the filtration system of a hookah uses water, which is a safe substance and a renewable resource.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hookahs

If you’re new to smoking with a hookah, there might be a few things that confuse you. Not to worry! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about hookahs.

Do Hookahs Have Nicotine?

Hookahs are often used to smoke tobacco which certainly does contain nicotine. However, you don’t have to use tobacco to smoke using a hookah. These days, there are many non-tobacco options on the market that let you enjoy the smoking experience without worrying about unwanted nicotine.

You can use steam stones, steam gels, molasses, and so much more. There are so many non-tobacco, nicotine-free shisha flavors for you to choose from.

How Many Hoses Should My Hookah Have?

Hookahs with multiple hoses are for smoking with a lot of people. If you want smoking to be a fun social activity that you can share with your friends, you should consider getting a multiple-hosed hookah. If you prefer to smoke and unwind with a hookah alone, then a one-hosed hookah suits your needs.

How Often Should I Clean My Hookah?

Your hookah should ideally be cleaned right after smoking and not right before your next smoke. If you don’t immediately clean your hookah right after using it, the smell and residue from the previous smoke will linger inside.

The remainder from the previous smoke will be much harder to remove the longer you wait. If you smoke a different flavor from the one you used before, the flavors will conflict. To prevent this, make sure you clean your hookah promptly and often.

What Coal Should I Use?

The two main types of coals are quick light and natural. Quick light coals are designed to start up fast. They are convenient but tend to add unwanted flavors to the tobacco.

Meanwhile, natural coals take longer to light up. However, they have the advantage of not changing the flavor of the shisha. Additionally, they last longer than quick light coals.

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