Skilletools Stainless Steel Dabber

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Made in the USA from surgical-grade stainless steel, these classic SkilleTools Dabbers come in several designs, all of which feature a black ergonomic grip, so you can dab all day, every day.
  • Dr. Dab - One-sided flat tool perfect for any use.
  • Flexy - Delicate but durable with a sharp-edged curved tip that’s great for breaking shatter, scraping reclaim, and reaching into corners.
  • Glassy - Double sided with a large chisel-like tip that’s great for breaking down stubborn concentrates and a rounded flat scooper.”
  • Mr. Dabalina - Double sided with a fine double pointed fork and a rounded end for scooping.
  • Mrs. Dabalina - Pitchfork-inspired tip useful at pricking, jabbing, scraping, and carrying.
  • Scoop Dogg - Double sided with a curved arrow point and a curved scooper. Perfect for switching between consistencies.
  • Sharpy - Precision point tip that’s great at cracking shatter and scooping wax. 
  • Wax On - Double-sided extra wide paddles with a flat pointed tip and a flat rectangular tip.