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Welcome to our Grab Bags – the ultimate 4/20 surprise package! We've packed each Grab Bag with a bunch of smoking accessories and goodies, like grinders, bongs, bowls, gift cards, and more. Featured brands include Santa Cruz, Blazy Susan, Green Bear, 420 Science, Pulsar, Grav and more. Our Grab Bags come in two tiers: $50, and $100 (Norfolk & Lynnhaven only), and the contents of each bag are worth more than the cost of the bag. That means you're getting an incredible deal on all the awesome stuff you'll find inside! Plus, each tier of Grab Bag includes grand prizes worth up to $400, so you could get lucky and score big. Our Grab Bags are the perfect way to elevate your 4/20 experience – just grab one, open it up, and enjoy the thrill of the surprise!

Limited quantities, first come, first served.

All locations have $50 grab bags. Norfollk (Blvd) & Lynnhaven have both $50 and $100 grab bags. Grab bags are limited quantity, first come first serve. Be sure to show up early!

All stores are operating at normal hours on 4/20.

Phoebus: 12pm - 8pm
Harrisonburg: 10am - 9pm
All others: 9am - 9pm