Liberty 503 Pentagon Rig

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Liberty's creations are sleek with touchable detail and elegant style!

This concentrate rig, crafted by Liberty Glass, has sandblasted pentagons of the neck, can, downstem and dome! At the bottom on the neck are three ripples up to the section that make up the rest of the neck and mouthpiece.  At the mouthpiece, there is lip-wrap of a fumed color.  The downstem is completely worked with the same sandblasted technique, into a pentagon, which sits at 45° with a transition, reclaim, to the 14mm joint.  The front of the can is stamped with Liberty's 503 signature, representing their home of Portland, OR.

This water pipe stands at 11.25" tall, the base is 3.75" and, at the widest point, is approximately 7".